Next rainy day viewing:  A wonderful PBS documentary on the osprey and the Connecticut Coastline.

Thanks to Andy Reinmann for an important lecture on Why Trees Matter. If you missed the discussion, catch it here.
The Incredible Shrinking Lawn”  – In the March 2021 edition of Connecticut Magazine

Read this great article about the virtues of letting your yard go “native” with wildflowers and natural plantings instead of the traditional lawn.  You’ll support pollinators, save yourself a lot of work, and create a beautiful, natural habitat.


Tallamy, naturalists and homeowners advocate converting lawns to native gardens and avoiding pesticides and herbicides because wildlife needs the food and shelter for survival. Loss of habitat and herbicide and pesticide use has led to declines in songbird and bee populations nationwide. In Connecticut, 369 native bee species rely on native trees, shrubs and flowers for nectar, reports Tracy Zarrillo, a researcher with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven. The native bee called Andrena violae “absolutely needs violet pollen to feed its young.”

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Memory Lane…In September 2018, we held a Discovery Day at our White Barn property.  The hit of the day was Skyhunters in Flight, presented by Falconer Brian Bradley.  Here are highlights of this wonderful demonstration.

Tax Help  Recent Federal legislation provides help to conservation non-profits such as the Norwalk Land Trust. First, the tax-deductibility for conservation easements is now permanent.  Second, the ability to make a direct donation out of your IRA (if you are over 70 1/2) to any non-profit is tax-free, permanently.

AMAZON SHOPPERS:  Amazon teams up with the Norwalk Land Trust.  Enter the Amazon website via and direct a small percentage of your purchase to the Norwalk Land Trust.  Easy, easy and every little bit helps.  Thanks.

Fodor Farm History  We are proud to have been an early supporter of  Fodor Farm.