Our Earth, Your Choice Webinar Series Continues ….. Registration Required

Wednesday, March 29, 6:30PM.  Cleaning Up Local Waters with Stormwater Utilities. IN PERSON at the Norwalk Library! Please join us for a talk by Bill Lucey, the Long Island Soundkeeper and a Save the Sound representative, as he discusses stormwater pollution and solutions we can use to mitigate its harms to our rivers and Norwalk Harbor.  

Stormwater runoff is the # 1 threat to water quality in Connecticut, and with increasing storm frequency and intensity, the challenges and costs of managing stormwater continue to grow. Coastal cities, like Norwalk, are particularly vulnerable. Being proactive in addressing these impending threats will help positively manage potentially skyrocketing costs and increase resilience to pollution and flooding.  To register please email clahey@norwalkpl.org or phone 203-899-2780 ext 15133.

This series is sponsored by the Norwalk Library, Rowayton Library, Norwalk River Watershed Association, Norwalk Land Trust, the Rowayton Gardeners, the Norwalk Garden Club and the Norwalk Tree Alliance.

Bill Lucey, a Connecticut native and our Soundkeeper, has been fighting for fish and clean water for decades. In addition to monitoring the Sound from his boat most days, he is a registered lobbyist who speaks for the Sound in Hartford. In 2021, he successfully fought for a climate change and adaptation bill featuring stormwater authority enabling legislation. Bill will provide insight on how Stormwater Utilities could spread-out the long-term costs of mitigating pollution in the Norwalk River Watershed.  

A new year’s resolution: Rethink your lawn. Read “Lawn maintenance & Climate Change” published by the Princeton Student Climate Initiative. Let that green lawn go! It’s time to put the planet’s needs first.

Another important concern for the City of Norwalk: how to increase the number of trees. Many organizations are actively working on increasing our tree canopy. https://www.coastalconnecticuttimes.com/this-story-is-about-trees/ And, another story: https://www.coastalconnecticuttimes.com/norwalk-invests-in-tree-efforts-after-report-found-lack-of-tree-canopy/

If you missed Dominique Browning at our annual meeting, hear her lecture. Click above.

The story of Farm Creek: A recent issue of Sound Watch Magazine features a story on our fundraising for the Farm Creek Preserve, which is one of our finest properties. A small group of volunteers raising $4.3 million over a five-year period is a story of great dedication and hard work. Click here.

The Incredible Shrinking Lawn”  – In the March 2021 edition of Connecticut Magazine

Read this great article about the virtues of letting your yard go “native” with wildflowers and natural plantings instead of the traditional lawn.  You’ll support pollinators, save yourself a lot of work, and create a beautiful, natural habitat.

Memory Lane…In September 2018, we held a Discovery Day at our White Barn property.  The hit of the day was Skyhunters in Flight, presented by Falconer Brian Bradley.  Here are highlights of this wonderful demonstration.

Tax Help  Recent Federal legislation provides help to conservation non-profits such as the Norwalk Land Trust. First, the tax-deductibility for conservation easements is now permanent.  Second, the ability to make a direct donation out of your IRA (if you are over 70 1/2) to any non-profit is tax-free, permanently.

Fodor Farm History  We are proud to have been an early supporter of  Fodor Farm.