Welcome to the Norwalk Land Trust website.  “We acquire land and preserve it in its natural state for the benefit of Norwalk, CT residents, now and forever. “

We currently steward  32 parcels of land, just over 102 acres.

Vandels harm Farm Creek Preserve

Because of recent, very destructive vandalism, The Farm Creek Preserve will be closed to the public every night at dusk, effective immediately. If you have any information regarding the vandalism, which occurred between June 16 and 22, please contact us at info@norwalklandtrust.org.

Click: How to Help Our Bees (and other Pollinators) You can help. How about not mowing your lawn – let the dandelions and ground covers flourish. We endorse the concept of – NO MOW MAY! Now that it’s summer, buy a sign ($10) and display proudly!

4th grade program began again! This spring we have had 463 kids from 7 schools come to our Outdoor Classroom, at Farm Creek. Thank you to the schools and teachers; thank you to our wonderful volunteer guides. Thanks to Horizon Foundation for the financial resources to carry this out!

2022 Spring/Summer Newsletter

*******************************************************************************************************************A Trip Down Memory Lane. Fundraising for Farm Creek and enjoying a fall day. Thank you Miki Alicastro for this memory. And thank you John Lennon for such a perfect song.