Our volunteer board members meet monthly at Fodor Farm. Each is elected for a three-year term and will serve on various committees and special projects throughout the year. They may be reached by filling in the Contact Us form.  Please be in touch with us if you have any concerns regarding our properties or events.

Rich Baskin (Treasurer)
Connie Bennett
Kate Davies
 Peggy Holton (Vice President)
Seeley Hubbard (President)
JoAnne Jackson
Midge Kennedy (Secretary)
Tammis Lazarus
Lynne Pratt
Lisa Shanahan
Mary Verel (Vice President)
Bob Welsh
Bill Wrenn


Norwalk Land Trust Advisory Board
Miki Alicastro
 Lawrence Cafero
CT State Senator Bob Duff
Henry Huse
Diane Keefe
 Chris Perrone
David Shockley
Amy Rowe-Smith
Marny Smith
Terrie Wood