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"The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man."

The Norwalk Land Trust finds such places and keeps them safe.

News and Events


WhiteBarnVideo  The White Barn Theater property, a very beautiful and important 15-acre property in the Cranbury section of Norwalk, is once again in the news.  Plans to build 15 homes in a 10-acre space have been submitted. The remaining 5.5 acre area is presently conserved (saved) by the Norwalk Land Trust.  We encourage all to attend the hearings at City Hall -- June 23 for Norwalk Conservation Commission (Room 231, 7 pm) and June 17 July 15 (Common Council Chambers, 7:30 pm)  for Norwalk Zoning Commission.  Our town officials need to see faces in the audience to know this is important. Check back for times and room numbers.
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Getting Ready for  Summer....  Please join us.

Cleaning up properties Our cleanups are fun and necessary and don't ever take up too much of your time.

Diageo Clean Up

We provide clippers, bags, gloves, and sometimes, coffee & donuts.

Friday mornings, at Farm Creek, 34 Sammis Street, Rowayton.  This Friday!




The 4th Grade Education program has just finished.

Guides: thank you always for your generous spirit.

Harry the Heron, was created by volunteer Pamela Proctor.  Pamela and Midge Kennedy talk about how he was created. See our article in itsrelevant.  We marched in two wonderful parades over Memorial Day - Rowayton on Sunday and Norwalk on Monday.  Both parades were wonderful.  And Harry was his wondrous self on both occasions.  Thank you volunteers for helping.

Harry the Heron at Rowayton Parade 2014

"Norwalk Land Trust News Archives"

Lilly Sattler, 4th grader from Rowayton Elementary recently submitted this article for her school paper.  We thank her for such a good story.  All would agree that ...'Farm Creek is a perfect place...'2011-Farm-Creek-CN029