If you recently visited the Farm Creek Preserve with your class, thank you for coming.  Answers to the Word Search and Key Word Challenge can be found on our Answer Page.

Don’t forget that the Farm Creek Preserve is open every day from dawn until dusk.  So bring your families for a visit any time! It’s located at 34 Sammis Street in Rowayton.  Take Highland Avenue south to the end.  At stop sign turn right.  Entrance is on the left.  Download a Farm Creek Preserve Trail Map.

If you haven’t visited Farm Creek Preserve on a field trip, talk to your teacher about arranging a time to visit.  Field trips are free, and bus money may be available through an educational grant, if needed.

Family memberships in the Norwalk Land Trust are affordable and help support our outreach activities, like the 4th grade science program.  Visit our Membership Page to join.

Farm Creek Animals and Insects
Many animals are on a migration path so can be seen only twice a year.

Farm Creek Marine Animals
Sea creatures are hard to see unless they crawl upon the shore, or leave their shells behind.

Farm Creek Plants
Some of the many plant species in the Farm Creek Preserve can only be seen at certain times of the year.